Saturday, March 1, 2014

Crock Pot Ranch Potatoes

I live in the South, so stereo-typically, I love Ranch seasoning and dressing.  I also love the simplicity of using the crock pot.  However, the dishes are never "pretty" for a blog.  Oh, well.  I am tempted to not even show the after picture, as it always looks brown and gross.  Trust me the potatoes are wonderful, and a great addition to a cook out or pot luck.

Easy ingredients: about 2 pounds of red potatoes, one packet Ranch dressing mix, one can cream of mushroom, and 8 ounces of sour cream.  Low fat or full fat ingredients work fine for this recipe.

My potatoes were large, so I cut each into 6 pieces.  No need to peel them, unless you just want to.

Spray the crock pot with Pam (it just makes clean up easier, or you can skip this step) and mix it all together in the pot.  It will look like this before you start cooking.  Really, you could use more potatoes if you needed to.  

Cook 4-6 hours on Low.  My crock pot tends to cook more quickly than most, so 4/5 if all I need.  Enjoy!

Friday, February 28, 2014

Bathroom Before

We moved into our house seven years ago.  I cannot believe it was that long ago.  We purchased the house from a house flipper, and most of the house was essentially brand new. We have enclosed the basement into a play/man room. We wound up having to take on less glamorous projects: entirely new heating and cooling system down to new duct work due to mold and a new roof.  So, the bathroom was moved down the list.

The home was built in 1962, so the master bath is tiny.

 (Now I know you are LOVING the fish door ;)

As you can see, tiny.  We plan to paint, replace the fish door, replace the mirror and lighting, add a fan, and hopefully add a window treatment of some kind.  I am not interested in a major gut of the bath at this time.  The tiles on the wall are white with black flecks in them.  

So, big question, what color?  

The top photo is in artificial light, and the bottom photo is natural light.  So, what do y'all think? 1, 2, 3, or 4?

Any other suggestions?

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Saturday, January 4, 2014

Greek Artichoke Chicken

I love artichoke and I went looking for a baked chicken dish on Pinterest, that did not include mayonnaise.  Well, I did not find much.  So, here is my attempt at a new dish!

I started with two large chicken breasts, mozarella, canned artichokes, small tomatoes, Penzy's Greek seasoning, Parmesean, and olive oil

I placed the breasts into a greased baking dish.  Place the mixture around it, and top with cheese:

 Bake at 350 for 40 minutes, or until done!

1 can artichoke hearts
1 small container tomatoes
2 chicken breasts
2 T Greek Seasoning
1 T Olive Oil
1/4 cup Parmesean 
1 cup Mozzarella

Spray the bottom of a glass baking dish, and preheat oven to 350.  Slice tomatoes in half, and chop artichokes.  Add tomatoes, artichokes, Greek seasoning, olive oil, and half the Parmesean to a bowl.  Mix well.  Place chicken in pan.  Place the mixture around the chicken.  Top with remaining cheeses.  Bake for 40 minutes!

Wednesday, January 1, 2014

Globe Lamp

I needed one more gift for the husband.  I was wondering our local thrift store and scored this globe for $3.99.  It was only the globe, the stand was long gone.  It took some effort to pry the two pieces apart, but with patience they came apart.  I purchased the accent beads at Hobby Lobby.  The lamp was something I already had, actually I bought it 13 years ago for $.99.  I sprayed it a light cream.  Voila, easy Christmas gift!

Saturday, November 16, 2013

Wiggins Hollow

Recently, I have become increasingly interested in my family history.  Luckily, my family has kept great records, and I owe a lot to my Great-Aunt Clara Nell.  She made a "Howell Book" many years ago, long before internet records were available.  It is full of family facts, lore, marriage certificates, death certificates, an adoption record, photographs, and so much more.

Another thing I am very lucky to have access to is a physical piece of history here in Alabama.  The Howells settled in North Alabama around 1820, and the chimney from the homestead still stands today!  Miles Myhill Howell (1789-1853) and his brother, Isham Howell (1787-1846) moved to Alabama in the 1820s from South Carolina.  They purchased this land at that time, and it remained in Howell ownership until the 1970s when it was sold to the forest service. 

 Isham's headstone, located at Friendship Baptist cemetery in Danville, Alabama.
Miles's headstone also located at Friendship Cemetery. 

Miles is my 4th Great-Grandfather, and my daughter's 5th Great-Grandfather!  Miles's son, William George Washington Howell, also know as WGW, would marry Frances Ellen Wiggins.  I am assuming this is where the name "Wiggins Hollow" came from.  The lineage for my daughter goes:
Evelyn (3 years old) is the daughter of Rachel Howell-Morris, who is the daughter of Robert Howell, who is the son of Arthur Malcolm Howell, who is the son of Sim Howell Sr, who is the son of Arthur Percy "AP" Howell,  who is the son of WGW Howell,  who is the son of Miles Myhill Howell! 

Robert Howell (my father), Me, Evelyn (my daughter), Anna Henderson, John Howell, and Sally Corum.  My family tree is complicated . . . I am not going to try to explain how I am related to everyone.  :)

It is an easy hike to the Hollow; I would guess it is 20 minutes in from the main road.  The area is absolutely beautiful. Lovely ferns outline our path in the beginning, and we crossed a shallow stream.  There is also a warm spring that runs through a nearby cave. 

For size refrence, that is my six foot, six inch tall husband standing in the red shirt:

The chimney was repaired, probably in the early 1960s, but the stones and large mantle stone are original.  The house stood until the late 1970's.  The forest service was forced to burn it down; local teenagers were having parties in the woods.  My father remembers frequenting this place as a child.  He recalls spending the night here with his father, and the sounds of the bobcats in the woods has stayed with him to this day!

Luckily, whatever large furry creature was living in it a few years ago has moved out!

Below are a few more, unedited, pictures from our last trip there on November 2, 2013.

Saturday, October 19, 2013

Sort of a Fire Place

In our house, we do not have a fire place.  It is a bummer, especially now that little E knows what Santa Clause is, and Christmas is coming!  Last year, my friend at Sew Homegrown made an amazing Faux Fireplace (See it here!).  I was inspired to create a place to hang stockings in our home.  I did not want to spend much, so I went shopping in my own home. 


Not bad, but not "fireplacey" (that's a word . . .)


Still not a "fireplace" but I feel like it it a great place to hang stockings this Christmas!  The wooden shelf hung in my parent's house for a long time, and my mom gave it to me several years ago.  I could not come up with a use for it until now.

The stained glass was a gift from my husband several years ago, and the candlesticks were from a local garage sale.  The plate was a wedding gift I have not displayed yet, and the cement balls were from a long closed junk store on the Southside.  My new favorite is this:

Last week, I went to Hartselle, AL, and was drawn into a 70% off everything going out of business sale!!!  This beautiful crewelwork was $16!  It is dated 1931.

The blue vases are featured in an earlier post (Vases Before and After).  I think they add a good punch of color.

Oh, we added a dog, Miss Pickles, last week also . . . .you can see her basket next to the dresser!  

Sunday, August 18, 2013

Colander Planter

I found this pretty colander at Target on the clearance shelf!  It was exactly what I had been searching the thrift stores for.

 I needed the following supplies:

Also, you need potting soil.  Here is a list of what you need:
  • River rocks
  • Moss
  • Potting Soil
  • Any assortment of ferns/small plants
  • Colander
  • Trowel (or your hands)
I covered the bottom with river rocks, the then lined the sides with the moss.  I wanted to put something between the soil and the large open slots of the colander.   Then, fill the colander with potting soil, and place the plants where you want them!  Easy!

It probably only took 15 minutes to complete.  I put it all together in the kitchen sink (it is raining, again, outside) to minimize mess.

My planter will go on my kitchen bar.  I used one mahogany fern, and three hedra helix ivies!

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