Sunday, June 16, 2013

Keyboard Frame for Father's Day

Sorry I have been gone so long!  The summer really got going.

My husband is a big nerd (and I LOVE it), and I was trying to be creative for Father's Day.  Hopefully, he will not be checking the blog before Sunday . . . .

Below are all the supplies you need:

I found 2 off white keyboards at the thrift store for $.75 each!  I wound up only needing one.  I bought a frame at Hobby Lobby at 50% off.  A thrifted frame would be perfect too, but I did not have a flat one.  Grab your hot glue gun and a butter knife, and you are set!

First, pop the keys off the board, really easy:

However, the keyboard was REALLY gross underneath, and I promptly tried to clean my own keyboard . . .

 I lined the keys up, just to see how I liked them on the frame, and I just glued them all on after that!


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