Thursday, July 18, 2013

Child's Bench

Earlier this summer, my mother's neighbor gave this bench to my mom.  Her neighbor found it in the garbage, and gave it to my mom when my daughter was playing at their house.  I cannot find my before picture . . . .

The metal was green and rusty, and the varnish was peeling off the wood which was stained lighter.  It was in great structural condition, and is very heavy.  You can find these at Lowe's and other outdoor stores all summer long.  They are about $100 new. 

I cleaned and spray painted the metal, and spent a lot of time sanding the varnish and stain off the wood.  The whole project was less than $12!!!  I used left over primer, and purchased one can satin spray paint, one small can dark stain, and one can spray polyurethane!  I put 5 coats of poly on it, since it will be in the sun and outdoors. 

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